2016 Fair Play Conference

Fair Play

Save the Date!

The SAU Art Department will be hosting its second art & design conference entitled Fair Play: Art & Social Justice. The conference will be held April 6-7, 2016. The intention of this symposium is to bring a variety of creative minds together to explore the potential behind art & design as a proactive way to make positive change in society.

The conference schedule, speaker lineup, workshop list, and event registration will become available in January 2016. Check back again for more details!

Conference Description

In the midst of social conflict and cultural clashes, a medium among us has provided hope, virtue, and connectivity for the human race: art. Throughout history, artists have contextualized challenging issues to instill a stronger sense of reality, perspective, and proactive change in society. Fair Play brings a diverse range of artists together who utilize the power of creativity for the sake of social justice.

This conference is sponsored by:
Baecke Endowment for the Humanities Grant
The Council for an Integrative Learning Environment Grant
SAU Art Department
SAU Women & Gender Studies Department
Catich Gallery
Figge Art Museum

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