2018 Making Connections

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Making Connections:
Global Impacts of Art & Design

April 11-12, 2018 | St. Ambrose University

The evolution of technology and communication outlets has yielded a multitude of new collaborative opportunities across the globe. While cultural awareness and connectivity have increased, so too have cultural exploitation and appropriation. The ways in which artists and designers respond to these sociocultural issues today have developed alongside the rapid changes in technology and social media.

The intention of this symposium is to bring a variety of creative minds together to explore the indelible role of art and design and its far-reaching impact in the era of globalization. Ideally, participants will gain insight into the ways art and design can be utilized for positive change in society. Our primary target audience is students, faculty, staff, and working artists & designers; however, this event is open to the public and we welcome anyone from any discipline/occupation to join us.


DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED! Please download the entry form here and submit your proposal by Monday, November 13th.

This conference is sponsored by the SAU Art Department and Baecke Endowment for the Humanities.


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